Felt Scottie Dog Softie


This softie sewing project is a lovely one for a beginner. You can vary the size of your Scotties. Blow up our template and cut out a really large one to make a cushion, use a tiny Scottie to hang on a keychain, or something in between!

Felt Scottie Dog Softie

You will need:

Black felt
Needle and thread
Toy stuffing

Our Small Scottie Dog Template or this larger Scottie outline.


  • Fold your felt in half or place two pieces together, then use one of our templates to cut two dogs from felt. Cut a small length of ribbon for the loop, and another to tie around your Scottie's neck.  
  • Fold the ribbon in half to make a loop and pin it between the two felt dogs in the middle of their back, matching edges carefully.
  • Sew around the outside of the dogs with a neat running stitch, starting about one quarter of the way in on the bottom edge and finishing on the same bottom edge, making sure to keave a small gap through which to stuff the dog.  Catch the ribbon in place as you stitch.
  • Gently stuff the dog, pushing the stuffing into the corners with a blunt pencil if necessary, and sew the gap closed.
  • Tie a bow with ribbon around the dog's neck.


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