Eid Silhouette Picture


This is a simple technique for children to master but the resultant Eid silhouette picture is beautiful. Use for a special Eid card, or put your picture on display.

Eid silhouette picture
Here's our finished Eid silhouette.

You will need:

2 primary colours of paint (we have used blue and yellow, but red and yellow would look good too)
Black marker pen


Using your darkest colour (blue for us) paint the bottom half of the card.

Mix a small amount of the second paint colour into the first and paint a bit further up the card. Repeat and keep going until the card is covered.

Eid silhouette background

Leave to dry.

With your marker pen, draw an outline of a skyline with mosques (masjids). Colour under the line black.

To finish, add a crescent moon and star.

This technique would make a lovely Eid card, or you could frame your picture for display each year.

Eid silhouette framed
Here is our Eid silhouette picture, framed. Beautiful!


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