Whether you are looking for doves for International Peace Day, MLK Day or Christmas, or perhaps for a Noah's ark theme, we've got a selection of dove themed activities below for your child to have fun with.

Doves are a symbol of peace, love and harmony. They belong to the pigeon family of birds, but they are smaller than a pigeon with a longer tail.

Fun fact: Both male and female doves take responsibility for feeding their young.

Dove Colouring Pages
We have dove colouring pages for older children and adults as well as younger children. Whether you...
Dove Crafts
Our selection of dove crafts is only small at the moment but we have more coming soon.  Here...
Dove Printables
We have writing frames, learn to draw, templates, cards, jigsaws and more in our range of dove...
Dove Worksheets
We have a set of dove worksheets ready to print to complement a study of birds or perhaps for a...

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