Diving Dolphin Craft


It's always fun to have an end-product that moves after a crafty session, and this diving dolphin activity fits the bill nicely! Younger children will enjoy seeing their dolphin diving in and out of the waves...

Diving Dolphin Craft

You will need:

2 paper plates
Dark blue and sky blue paint (if you are doing this with a group look for coloured plates to save time)
Split pin/paper fastener
Silver or holographic card
White card

Optional : our dolphin template


Paint the plates so one is dark blue and one is sky blue.

Cut a wave design across the dark blue plate. You need to make sure the centre of the plate is part of your sea design.

Place the dark plate on top of the sky blue plate.

Use a pencil to push a hole through the mid-points of both plates and push a split pin through to connect them.

Cut a dolphin from card and glue to the sky blue plate. Cut clouds from white card and glue to the other side of the sky blue plate. Use our photos as a guide.

Now hold the sea and turn the sky blue plate it will look like the dolphin is jumping in and out of the waves!

Diving dolphin craft 2

Diving dolphin craft 3


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