Cupcake Case Dove Collage


This pretty dove collage using cupcake cases is quick and easy to make, and relatively mess-free, especially if you use a glue stick. It's a good craft for a large group and perfect for Peace Day, MLK Day or Noah's Ark.

Cupcake Cae Dove

You will need:

  • 2 white cupcake cases
  • Blue card  
  • Scrap of yellow paper
  • Glue


  • Flatten one of the cupcake cases and cut in half.  
  • Glue one half to the blue card to form the dove's body.
  • Cut a piece of the fluted part of the cupcake case from the remaining half and glue to the body to form the tail.
  • Flatten the second cupcake case and cut in half. Glue both pieces on to form the wings.
  • Cut a beak from yellow paper and stick on.
  • Finish by drawing on an eye.

Here is a pdf printable of our finished dove in case you woud like to print it out for reference.

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Cupcake case dove collage printable


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