Cotton Wool Pad Snowman


Here's a quick and easy way to make some really impressive snowmen! Using the round cotton wool pads that you can buy everywhere now means that you can build one of these in a jiffy, and take your time decorating it to make it special. A super winter craft for snowmen lovers.

Cotton wool pad snowman craft - we made two!
Our cotton wool pad snowman craft - we made two!

You will need:

Paper or card Cotton wool pads (the type for removing make up) Scraps from craft box to decorate - buttons, pompoms, craft matchsticks, ribbons etc Glue


Glue two cotton wool pads one on top of the other to make the body of your snowman.

Raid your craft box for bits to decorate your snowman and glue on. Have a look at the photos below for inspiration.

Snowman 1

Snowman 2


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