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I welcome contact from visitors and love to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions. I do my best to reply to legitimate queries but receive a very high volume of emails and sometimes I just get swamped.

Before sending me a message, I would be grateful if you would check to see whether I have answered your question below:

Printing problems:
Are you having printing problems? Please see if your question is answered here before getting in contact.

Scrapbook paper password:
If you are looking for the password for our scrapbook papers, it is simply "" (without the quotation marks and with capital letters, just as typed here).

Personalised printables:
Having been overwhelmed with demand for our personalised printables, we have decided not to take any more requests at present.

Most of our printables use the Sassoon school fonts as these are most commonly used in UK primary schools. I'm afraid I can't redo any printables in your preferred font.

Flags and country worksheets:
Yes, I am trying to cover the world - and yes, the country you are looking for may not have been done yet! If it's not there, I haven't left it out by mistake.

We use UK spellings on the website, but always try to provide both UK and US versions on our printables.

Our Shop FAQs are here.

Text link advertising and article marketing:
I never accept text link advertising or linked articles on Activity Village. Please don't waste your time asking.

Wholesale suppliers:
Activity Village does not sell "real" products, so therefore never buys "real" products. Please don't waste your time asking.

Please see our Terms of Use.