Christmas Present Decorations


Use our printable scrapbook paper to make these cute little Christmas tree decorations - and you can fill them with a treat, too, before you hang them on the tree!

Christmas Present Decorations to hang on the tree
Our Christmas present decorations ready to hang on the tree! This one is made using one of our newest Christmas scrapbook paper designs.

You will need:

  • White or coloured card or printer card and our printable Christmas scrapbook paper designs
  • Glue or double sided sticky tape
  • Ribbon

Mini present net
Mini present net


Print out our net template onto coloured card. Alternatively, print one of our  (why not print one of our Christmas scrapbook paper designs first, and print the net on the back.

Cut out and fold into a cube. Fold and assemble by sticking the flaps on the inside of the cube.

Fill with a little treat.

Fold the ribbon in half. Lay the middle of the ribbon on top of the middle of the present lid. Bring the ribbon down the sides so the lid is held closed, twisting the ribbons together at the bottom and bringing them up the other sides of the present.  Tie a knot and then a bow on top of the present.

Tie the ends of the bow together so they form a loop to hang the present by.


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