Christmas Craft Foam Decorations


Get creative with these Christmas craft foam decorations - perfect for decorating the Christmas table, the Christmas tree, or the Christmas fridge!

Christmas craft foam decorations

You will need:

Craft foam - scraps in assorted colours Glitter, beads, marker pens etc for decoration Lollipop sticks (popsicle sticks) to make table decorations Craft magnets for fridge magnets Ribbon or cord for tree decorations Christmas templates if desired

Print out our templates, or draw your own Christmas shapes onto craft foam. Cut out carefully.

Decorate with whatever supplies you have to hand.

For our snowman we used two tiny beads for the eyes, a scrap of orange felt for the nose, and black felt tip pen to draw on a mouth. You could add a hat from black or brown craft foam, a scarf from red felt, or a ribbon.

For our star, we painted PVA (white) glue on the craft foam shape and sprinkled gold glitter over.

Our tree is decorated with tiny beads and gems.

Either attach the finished shapes to lollipop sticks, glue on craft magnets, or attach a small loop of ribbon to the back. For a really neat finish for a Christmas tree decoration, you could cut a second shape just like the first and sandwich the ribbon between the shapes before gluing.

craft foam Christmas decorations


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