Whether you are doing a desert habitat or African animal project, or just like camels and want to learn a little more about them, have fun with our collection of colouring pages and printables!

Camels are distinctive for their humps which, contrary to what many of us were taught, don't actually store water. But camels can go a long time without water, making them perfectly suited to deserts and long desert journeys.

Fun Fact: There are over 160 words for camel in the Arabic language!


Camel Colouring Pages
Camels have a very distictive shape.  Have fun colouring our simple camel colouring pages -...
Camel Printables
Using our lovely simple clip art we have a camel poster, camel printable jigsaw and a learn to draw...
Camel Worksheets
Practice handwriting and learn about the diet and habits of these desert animals with our printable...

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