Bowl of Oranges Collage


Oranges or tangerines are often taken to other families as gifts and displayed at Chinese New Year, as their Chinese names sound like the words for "gold" and "wealth". We used some colourful papers to create this stunning bowl of oranges collage.

Bowl of Oranges Collage

You will need:

Large sheet of paper
Orange paper and card in different shades and textures
Red paper
Stickers or other embellishments if you wish


Use a cup or small plate (we used a toy saucer) and draw circles on the different orange paper and card for your oranges. Cut out the circles.

Cut out a bowl shape from the red paper. You can use the photo above for inspiration.

Arrange your bowl and oranges on the paper. When you are happy with the positioning, glue everything in place.

We used little dot stickers to decorate the edge of our bowl.


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