Brand New Islands and Bridges Puzzles


My family love puzzles, so I have always had a stock of printable puzzle pages on hand ready for a train or plane journey, a wait at the dentist, a rainy afternoon or just for some quiet thinking time. As there is always lots of time to fill up over the long summer holidays, we are making and will be adding many more puzzles to the website over the next few weeks to help you keep the kids busy.

And here are the first - a new type of puzzle! I recently discovered Islands and Bridges puzzles - also called Hashi puzzles or just "bridges" - and enjoyed them so much that we decided to create a child-friendly version. We are making lots of these addictive logic puzzles so this first set of 4 is just a taster. Read the rules of the game or print them out and get the kids to try them out. If they like them, there will be more next week!

Find them here: Islands and Bridges Puzzles


Brand New Islands and Bridges Puzzles
Friday, 29th July 2022

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