Beauty Queen Costume


Every little girl wants to look pretty sometimes and this costume is easy and quick to produce, especially if you use a bought tiara. But it is more fun to make your own!

beauty queen costume

Bring out your daughter's most glamorous dress for the beauty pageant - or perhaps she can wear one of mother's pretty, silky nightdresses, adapted with a strategic safety pin or two!

Make a sash out of a length of wide satin ribbon and some permanent markers or fabric paints. You will need just short of 2 yards. You could staple together some good quality white paper or lightweight card too, but it will be a little more uncomfortable to wear.

If you would like to make your own tiara, follow our instructions here.

tiara craft
Tiara Craft

Miss Halloween:

You can make a spooky adaptation of this costume for Halloween by wearing a scary mask, adding long gloves, and perhaps painting your face white or green! Or perhaps you could wear last year's witch's or wizard's black or purple robe with a Miss Halloween sash, black fingernails and gruesome makeup?

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