Ancient Egypt


Discover Ancient Egypt! Welcome to our collection of fun and educational resources all about Ancient Egypt, designed especially for primary school children (most suitable for those aged 6-11 but many adaptable for other ages). Get ready to explore the wonders of this ancient civilisation through worksheets, coloring pages, crafts, puzzles, and more!

Worksheets: Dive into the world of Ancient Egypt with our engaging worksheets. These activities will teach you about the fascinating history, culture, and daily life of the Egyptians while making learning fun.

Colouring Pages: Bring Ancient Egypt to life with our beautifully designed coloring pages! Colour in iconic images such as pharaohs, pyramids, and sarcophagi while learning about their significance.

Crafts: Get creative with our Ancient Egyptian crafts. From making your own paper sarcophagus to creating a model of a pyramid, these hands-on activities will help you understand and appreciate the artistry and innovation of the Egyptians.

Puzzles: Challenge your children with puzzles that feature themes from Ancient Egypt. Solve crosswords, word searches, and matching games that test their knowledge and keep them entertained!

Our Ancient Egyptian resources are designed to:

  • Foster an enjoyment of learning about Ancient Egypt for the first time
  • Introduce key concepts and historical facts about this fascinating civilisation
  • Encourage creativity and critical thinking through hands-on activities
  • Enhance understanding of Ancient Egyptian culture and its contributions to the world.

We hope these resources inspire a love for history and a curiosity about the wonders of Ancient Egypt. Happy exploring!

Our Ancient Egypt Resources

Ancient Egypt Colouring Pages
Enjoy our large collection of colouring pages on an Ancient Egyptian theme. Welcome to the exciting...
Ancient Egypt Crafts
Here's our collection of fun, original craft ideas for children to accompany your Ancient...
Ancient Egypt Notebooking Pages
Browse our collection of printable Ancient Egypt notebooking paper and frames in a number of...
Ancient Egypt Printables
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Ancient Egypt Puzzles
Scroll down for our collection of printable Ancient Egypt puzzles for kids, including word searches...
Ancient Egypt Worksheets
NEW! Whatever the age of your children, and whether you are studying Ancient Egypt at home or at...
Sarcophagus Activities
Design your own sarcophagus, make one for your fashion doll, or colour in our sarcophagus colouring...
The Gods of Ancient Egypt
Have you ever wondered what life was like in Ancient Egypt? It was a time of mighty pharaohs, grand...
Ancient Egypt Fusebead Patterns
Fuse bead enthusiasts might enjoy making these traditional Egyptian designs. Hang them round your...

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